The group

The history and culture of LAPROPHAN Laboratories are based on values shared by all its stakeholders. Our commitment, based essentially on the respect of ethics and of the highest standards of integrity, contributes to strengthening our image as a flagship of the national and the regional pharmaceutical industry.

Nos Valeurs

Priority to Patients' Health

We have been committed to serve the patient's health for more than 67 years by providing an accessible medication of high quality.

Quality and Rigor

We have a strong determination to achieve excellence by making quality and safety requirements a keystone of our actions and by adopting the most rigorous practices in the pharmaceutical industry.


We focus on creativity and innovation in all our endeavors; this allowed us to have international patents for invention and innovation. Our goal is to find solutions adapted to patients health problems through our Research and Development Center, which has been operating for more than 50 years.

Valuation of Human Capital

We are convinced that trained, qualified, and respectfully treated staff is key to deliver a great job. In all our exchanges with our collaborators, our business or our social partners, we endeavor to respect our ethical principles and to encourage each individual to preserve its own respect; by highlighting the specificity of its valuable contribution in our collective success.

Respect of the environment

We are continually committed to improving our processes to optimize the use of natural resources and thus contribute to the struggle against the risks caused by climate and environmental changes.

our engagements

  • Viser l’excellence dans la sécurité et la protection de la santé des patients
  • Développer des produits et procédés innovants à moindre impact environnemental, dans le respect de notre responsabilité sociale, envers le bien être des patients et de nos collaborateurs.
  • Impliquer nos partenaires dans notre démarche de progrès
  • Pérenniser la culture d’intégrité et de respect des lois qui ont été instaurée par le fondateur de notre entreprise ( Feu Abderrahim BENNIS ) depuis plus de 68 ans.
  • Respecter l’éthique dans la conduite de nos activités professionnelles avec les patients, nos partenaires, et les professionnels de la santé.
  • Respecter les échanges libres et loyaux dans le cadre de la libre concurrence