Research & Development

Since the 1960s, LAPROPHAN Laboratories have been developing new pharmaceutical specialties in Research and Development with 60 employees covering the following departments:

  • Galenic
  • Physico-chemical analysis
  • Medical
  • Scientific Research
  • Documentation and Registration Center
Les missions assurées par ces départements sont :

Technology and Scientific Survey

It allows the monitoring and analyzing of the scientific, technical and technological environment in order to deduce innovation and development opportunities: patent law applications, scientific articles, theses, and scientific reports.

Optimizing the effectiveness of existing molecules

The challenge is the identification of therapeutic targets in relation with pathology and the optimization of therapeutic support to accompany patients, improve their therapeutic daily care and thus ensure better adherence to treatments

Research and development of innovative specialties

Innovation is at the heart of medicine research and development to meet the needs of patients and healthcare professionals.

Academic and professional cooperation

LAPROPHAN Laboratories cooperate with the Universities of Morocco and Europe and collaborate with several consultants of international notoriety in the following fields:

  • Galenic
  • Physico-chemical
  • Molecular chemistry
  • Pharmaceutical Toxicology
  • Microbiology
  • Clinic
  • Pharmaceutical legislation
  • Patent law Offices

Updating product files

The updating of the files of the products already marketed, in light of the latest technical, scientific, pharmacological and therapeutic data.

Constitution of registration files

It concerns obtaining Marketing Authorization (MA) of new products and five-year renewal of Marketing Authorizations.

Scientific, technical and medical information

Scientific, technical and medical information uses the most recent means:

  • Internet documentary files (eg MEDLINE, CHEMICAL Abstracts …),
  • International reviews and pharmacopoeias,
  • Databank constituted by exploiting scientific journals (either medical or pharmaceutical)

This long experience in the field of Research and Development (about fifty years) was awarded by obtaining national and international patent laws of invention and innovation:

  • Di-lndo®: Indomethacin calcium pentahydrate, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine (molecular innovation),
  • Neofortan®: phloroglucinol, the first antispasmodic in effervescent form,
  • lxor®: omeprazole, the first effervescent Proton Pump Inhibitor,
  • Levamox®: combination of clavulanic acid and amoxicillin, an antibiotic in effervescent form,
  • The fifth patent law: combination of phloroglucinol and paracetamol, antispasmodic.
  • Other innovations are being finalized.


  • The first prize in 2008 for innovation in companies awarded by the Association of Research and Development in Morocco.
  • The Excellence Award of Innovation from World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), issued in Geneva during the 3rd Economic Symposium of the Swiss-Moroccan Foundation for Sustainable Development on October 03 rd , 2008.