The group
In LAPROPHAN, we have built throughout Years a story that we are really proud of. Along with its dedication serving health and life sciences sector, LAPROPHAN has been conducting citizen actions since the dawn of its creation.
  • From the independence of Morocco To the end of sixties :
    • 1949 : Creation in Casablanca of the Pharmaceutical Laboratories of North Africa: LAPROPHAN LABORATORIES
    • Contribution to the struggle against endemic diseases such as trachoma, malaria, ringworm, tuberculosis through the manufacturing of a range of specific drugs.
    • Creation of the First Research and Development Center in Morocco.
    • Signature of the First International Partnership.
    • To meet the growing therapeutic needs of Moroccan citizens and to fully fulfill its social and economic role, through producing medicines at affordable prices, taking into account the reality of the market and the Income level of the consumer; LAPROPHAN has invested regularly and continuously in the acquisition of new production lines in order to:
      • Increase the capacity of its means of production. For example, the production capacity of an anti-migraine product which is KALMINE reached a daily volume of about 100,000 tablets in 1965;
      • Cover other therapeutic classes: by setting up the first unit of production of massive solutes in Morocco and the unit of production of injecting solutions






    • Strengthening of the position of LAPROPHAN laboratories as a Leader of the national pharmaceutical industry.
    • Reinforcement of the range of pharmaceutical specialties of LAPROPHAN by launching new medical specialties and by increasing the manufacturing volume.
    • Development and expansion of international activity through Export activities
    • Consolidation of fundamentals:
      •  Quality,
      • Development of Internal Competences,
      • Research and Innovation
    • National and international recognitions and distinctions :
      • QUALITY TROPHY awarded by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Handicraft in collaboration with the General Confederation of Enterprises of Morocco (CGEM) and the Federation of Industry and Commerce Chambers.
      • Extract of the World Bank report of 1995 concerning the pharmaceutical sector (page 31 “LAPROPHAN”):”It is exceptional to see a company with such a discipline, a spirit of collaboration at all levels and to face a staff whose qualifications and skills, combined with experience, seem undeniable and give the company the opportunity to participate competitively in the international market from a qualitative point of view”
  • Obtaining several National and International Patent Laws of Invention and Innovation:

    • Di-lndo® : Indomethacin calcium pentahydrate, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (molecular innovation),
    • Neofortan® : phloroglucinol, the first antispasmodic in effervescent form,
    • lxor® : omeprazole, the first Proton Pump Inhibitor in effervescent form,
    • Levamox® : combination of amoxicillin and clavulanic acid, antibiotic in effervescent form,
    • Patent Law “X”: A combination of phloroglucinol and paracetamol, antispasmodic.


    National and international recognitions and distinctions :

    • AFSSAPS Certification (French Agency for Sanitary Security of Health Products) for the Manufacturing of effervescent tablets.
    • Start-up of LAPROPHAN intelligent distribution center equipped with new logistic information technologies, with a US $ 10 million investment developed by the American JACOBS office.
    • First prize of company innovation awarded by the Association Research and Development of Morocco.
    • Award of Excellence of Innovation from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), presented in Geneva.
    • Sustainable Human Development Excellence Award of the “SWISS MOROCCO Foundation for Sustainable Development”; FSMD in Geneva in 2010.
    • Significant increase in human resources from 385 to over 800 employees.
    • Acquisition of new production units according to GMP (Good 1 Manufacturing Practices) for the manufacturing of saline bags and extension of the beta-lactam plant.
    • Equipment of several workshops of the Industrial Site with material of the last technology, in order to increase the capacity of production and to cover new therapeutic classes.
    • Signature of new partnerships with prestigious international pharmaceutical laboratories.
    • Launch of the project for construction of a new industrial site with the most efficient infrastructure and production technology to cover other therapeutic areas, in particular biotechnology medicines.
    FROM 2000 UP TO NOW: