The group
Along with its dedication to serve health and life sciences sector, LAPROPHAN has been conducting citizen actions since the dawn of its creation.

Commitment to improving access to care:

  • A leading role in the struggle against endemic diseases such as trachoma, malaria, ringworm, tuberculosis, by producing specific medicines.
  • Permanent support of medical caravans for remote populations throughout Morocco.
  • Regular contribution to the actions of Mohammed V Foundation.
  • Participation in actions for people with special needs in Morocco.
  • Mutual aid Donations of medicines towards the affected countries

Action for mother and child:

  • Regular organization of “mother and child” caravans.
  • Action for children with diabetes through a partnership with the ONA Foundation.
  • Regular presence and support through actions in favor of children.

Contribution to the promotion and the development of scientific research:

  • Several partnership agreements with national and international medicine and pharmacy universities.
  • Active support of the action carried out by medical and pharmaceutical learned societies.

Contribution to continuing professional development of health professionals:

  • Support for the actions of continuing medical and pharmaceutical training.
  • Contribution to training activities in the paramedical sciences.
  • Support of specialized scientific publications for physicians, pharmacists and health professionals.

Support and care of young laureates and students:

  • Organization of internships for pharmacists who are laureates of the Moroccan Universities.
  • Sponsorship of graduation ceremonies in Moroccan Universities of medicine and pharmacy.
  • Layout of the student activity room at the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of Rabat.
  • Sponsorship of students from African countries in the Moroccan universities of pharmacy.

Participation in the socio-cultural field and in the environment:

  • Sustainable Human Development Excellence Award of the “SWISS MOROCCO Foundation for Sustainable Development”; FSMD in Geneva in 2010
  • Contribution to the World Earth Day (in 2009) with the Environment and Community Center of AL AKHAWAYN (with AL AKHAWAYN Testimonies)
  • Historical and cultural action through the restoration of the mosque of TINMEL.
  • Donation of Equipment for schools and children accommodation in the rural world.
  • Donation of School equipment in Casablanca especially Emergency first aid cabinet.